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Binfer for Re-sellers

Add 'Revolutionary' to your product offerings

Join our Business Partner Program, and earn money by adding the world’s foremost Direct File Transfer platform to your portfolio

Binfer’s platform can be easily, quickly and seamlessly integrated with existing applications to provide secure communication, file sharing and sync capabilities. Join the list of Binfer’s Value Added Resellers today! 

1. Referral Program

By recommending Binfer to your customers you can earn recurring commissions of up to 30%. Binfer makes for a perfect add-on to earn more income from the security, infrastructure, and ERP sales you are already making.

2. Build Deeper Relationships

Binfer makes you look good by adding a state-of-the-art emerging technology to the suite of services you already provide. Customers will trust that you are on top of new market developments when you add Direct Data Transfer to your existing solutions.

Re-seller Partner Benefits

With Binfer’s superior data transfer, sync technology, and industry-leading revenue sharing, VAR partners can expect the following benefits:

  1. Additional revenue stream from sales already in progress.

  2. Minimal cost of development and maintenance by eliminating the need to implement a home grown communication stack.

  3. Provide a competitive edge with a differentiated solution.

  4. Expand portfolio and create additional revenue avenue.

  5. Address your customer’s security and compliance needs

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