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Binfer is an all in one secure communication suite.

Binfer includes File Sharing, Web Drop, Sync & Communication products. It is the next generation of direct device to device secure communication & file sharing platform. User data is never stored on any third-party servers.

Special Offer

$ 20 One Time
  • 250GB Data
  • 15 Sync Rules
  • 15 Web Drops
  • All other features
33% OFF

This is a one-time Pay as You Go license. No monthly subscription fees. No expiration or time limit. Use features until consumed.

*File Sharing
– Send large files like HD video, pictures, documents, etc, to anyone over the internet.
– License includes unlimited usage of all file sharing features except 1. A 250GB total data transfer limit. 2. Maximum file size is 250GB

*Web Drop
– Receive big files directly to the computer, from anyone, via a web browser
– License includes unlimited usage of all web drop features except 1. Maximum of 15 Web Drops can be created

– Synchronize/backup/replicate data between multiple devices
– License includes unlimited usage of all sync features except 1. Maximum of 15 rules can be created

– Communicate & collaborate with 100% privacy
– License includes unlimited usage of all communication features

* Reduce risk
– Transfers are between connected devices only
– Files are not stored on any third-party servers
– Transfers are encrypted
– Reports show detailed information of each transfer
– No malware, adware or spyware

* Reduce frustration
– Auto resume of interrupted transfer
– Eliminate large email attachment issues
– Send & receive from behind firewalls & NAT devices
– Eliminate the cost & complexity of FTP clients & servers

* Save time
– Reduce delivery time by half
– Drag & drop entire folders
– Transfer files of any size & quantity
– Transfer at super-fast speeds

– Privately share important family photos
– Sync multiple family’s computers
– Move documents from mobile devices to computer

– Receive tax documents from clients
– Collaborate privately
– Chat off-the-record

– Move large files between offices
– Backing employees drives on premise

Fast, easy to use, practical & time saving alternative to server uploads & email attachments.

This offer is for members of 1871 Chicago.