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Welcome Hunters!

Binfer is an all-in-one file sharing and secure communication built on Binfer’s Direct Device to Device plaform. Communicate, collaborate, and share files all via a decentralized network. 

Sending and receiving, simplified

No maximum file attachment size.

Chat privately

Experience the world’s most advanced secure chat software.

Your personal and direct drop box

All in one mighty widget.

Synchronization on your terms

Binfer’s most powerful back office solution.

Effortless network management

Powerful admin controls over your network

Customer reviews

"Binfer is a quick and easy way to send and receive videos or photos of important events. Whether it be weddings, get-to-togethers, or birthdays, Binfer is my default platform for sharing important files."


"Binfer gets my videos where they need to go faster. It's as simple as that. I no longer spend hours waiting for videos to upload only to take them down later."


“With about a 2 minute setup, Binfer makes everyone’s computer act as one. When a team member in Dubai changes a file, it is automatically updated everwhere. "

Creative Manager

File Sharing For Photographers

  • Enabling Seamless Photo Transfer
  • The fastest photo transfer tool; accelerate your content creation

File Sharing For Videographers

  • Expedited Video Sharing
  • Cut down video delivery time & move large video files effortlessly

File Sharing For Agencies

  • Blazing Fast Media Sharing
  • Cut down video delivery time & move large video files effortlessly

Special Offer

Unlimited Plan
$ 20 Monthly
  • ∞ Data
  • ∞ Sync Rules
  • ∞ Web Drops
  • All other features
66% OFF

“We believe, that it is time to change the 40+ year old hub and spoke model of data sharing to the next generation distributed and decentralized edge computing architecture.”

Imran A, CEO and Founder