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Why can't I use the Email and Message boxes in my Web Drop?

When setting up a Web Drop, you may see the buttons ‘Show Email Input’, ‘Combine Files’ and ‘Show Message Input’ grayed out. There are a couple reasons why this could be the case.

If you have a free license:

If you have a free license, you do not have sufficient privileges to use ‘Combine Files’, ‘Show Message Input’, or ‘Password’. You must upgrade to a Basic plan to use ‘Combine Files’ or ‘Show Message Input’. You must upgrade to a Professional plan to password protect your Web Drops

If you have a paid license:

If both ‘Show Message Input’ and ‘Show Email Input’ are grayed out, it may be because ‘Combine Files’ is checked off. Combine Files places all files sent via WebDrop into one common folder, so there is no place for Email or Message to be recorded. If you uncheck ‘Combine Files’, the other options should become available again.