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What to Expect when Re-Installing

The Uninstall Wizard

Binfer comes automatically bundled with an uninstall wizard to help you easily uninstall Binfer when needed.  The wizard is titled uninstall.exe and can be found in the installation directory of Binfer Enterprise Sync.  The uninstall wizard will take you through the steps of uninstalling and delete the directory once it is done.

NOTE: The uninstall wizard must be run before any attempt to reinstall Binfer Enterprise Sync.

The System Folder

The system directory is not deleted when Binfer is uninstalled to facilitate easy re-installs.  The system directory contains Binfer’s property file that has all paths and settings saved.  To change the settings during a re-install the file must be deleted manually as well.  This file can be found directly inside of wherever the system directory is located.
NOTE: Once the file has been deleted the Binfer system will default to whatever settings were set during the most recent installation of Binfer Enterprise Sync.