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Using a Domain Name for a Private Cloud Server

Private Cloud clients connect to the private cloud server by using its external IP and port. However, in certain deployments, especially those needing a disaster recovery environment, a domain address can be utilized. 

When a domain address is used, the private cloud clients will use the domain address instead of the IP address to connect to the private cloud server; this insulates the clients from connectivity issues when the physical environment has changed on the private cloud server side.

Setting up domain name 

  1. In the Private Cloud tab via the Admin’s instance, there is a Setting’s tab. Select the Settings tab to open a series of options regarding the Private Cloud. 
  2. Copy and paste the ‘Test URL’ into a browser to ensure that members can access the private cloud server. When a domain value is set, then the URL will show the domain name instead of IP address.
  3. Enter the desired domain address in the ‘Domain’ field 
  4. Press ‘Save’ at the bottom
  5. Close out of the instance and reopen Binfer to ensure that the domain change has been implemented. 

Important: Binfer will automatically validate the domain IP address against the detected external IP address to ensure that the domain was configured correctly.If a warning is shown, then please check and verify that the domain name records have been configured properly and are pinging to the correct IP address.