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Syncing a Folder Between Devices

In order to Sync a folder between devices, a user can create a ‘Rule’ to determine the desired outcomes. A rule offers several options to select sending folders, destination folders, destination devices, and sync frequency.

To sync a file with a rule, do the following steps:

  1. Open the Binfer app
  2. Click the ‘Sync Between Devices’ tab under the ‘Action’ dropdown menu
  3. New Sync Rule will open
  4. Name the rule (E.G. Document Sync)
  5. Provide complete path of the folder that needs to be synced.  The “Select Directory” button to the right will allow you to more easily browse and select the folder you wish to sync from the file explorer on the device.

  6. Select the receiver’s device from the ‘Devices’ section. One receiver can have more than one device (Mac Laptop, Windows PC). You can search a recipient’s device by entering a username in the ‘Search’ tab. This menu shows a list of all PC instances that are currently set up and available for you to sync your Source Folder with. Select one or more recipients with whom you want to create the sync rule.
  7. If you do not see user’s device, you need to add the recipient to the list of your ‘Contacts’ first. Please see Help section in ‘Contacts’ tab to see how to add a new contact

      8. Choose optional settings such as Manual Sync to manage sync manually

      9. Manual sync will allow you to sync only when you need files to be shared

      10. To start run manual sync after you created a sync rule go to Outbox => Open Sync Rule (double click on the message) => Click ‘Refresh’ button on the top left corner of the message => Sync started

      11. If you leave ‘Manual Sync’ section blank, you will allow Binfer to sync every 5 minutes. You can manage sync auto time by going to Settings => Sync => Set Frequency (min) => Click Save

     12. Minimum Age (see Advanced Sync Settings Help Doc for more information)

     13. Set name or type of the files you want to exclude from syncing in ‘Exclude Patter’ section

      14. Set ‘Two-Way Sync’ if you would like a full mirror between devices

       15. ‘Sync Deletions’ this option is only available if “Two-way sync” is selected.  When selected, all files deleted from the synced folder by any member will be deleted across all devices on the sync rule.

      16. Destination Folder this is the folder location where the sender’s file will be stored on the recipient’s device. Binfer on the recipient’s end must have permissions to write to this folder. If no destination folder is selected, files will be downloaded to the default destination folder on the recipient’s device.

       17. Click the ‘+’ on the top left-hand corner to create your new rule

Important: Once a folder is selected it cannot be re-named without deleting the rule and restarting the process

Tip: If you try to sync the same folder again (with the same contact), it won’t work.