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Installing on Linux

Binfer is available on the Linux/Unix platform. To get started the first step is to download Binfer for Linux from the official download page. Download Here 1. Download the jar (Linux) file from the official download page to your Ubuntu machine. 2. Navigate to the path where you downloaded the file. 3. Right-click the folder and click ‘Open in terminal’. Make sure you have administrator privileges. 4. In the terminal window, type the following command

“sudo java -jar binfer.jar”


5. You will see a Binfer dialog box popup; this indicates that Binfer has started.

6. On the login screen, login with your Binfer ID (usually the e-mail you used to sign up on Binfer) and your password.

7. You will now see the Binfer home screen and will be able to use Binfer.

Tip: To avoid running Binfer from the command line every time on Ubuntu, right click on the Binfer icon on the Ubuntu launcher (when Binfer is running) and click on ‘lock to launcher’ so that the icon stays on the launcher and you click it and run Binfer anytime.