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How can I tell if someone has picked up my files?

There are multiple ways to check which files have been picked up by your recipients.

Go to the Outbox:

One way to check on the status of a message is via the Outbox.

To check the status:

  1. Click on the ‘Outbox’ tab on the left of your Binfer application.
  2. Once a recipient has visited the Web Pickup link, you will see a checkmark at the bottom left of the Outbox.
  3. To see which recipient has come to pick up the files, double click on the Message in the Outbox. You will see a checkmark next to all names that have come to pick up the files.

Go to the Reports Tab:

For even more detail on the receipt status of your files, click on the ‘Reports’ tab. From this screen, press the dropdown for Sent. From there, you get detailed information on the following fields:

  • Which Message was sent
  • Who picked up a file
  • Which file was picked up
  • What date and time was the file picked up
  • What IP address was the file picked up from
  • How fast was the transfer