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Getting Started with Binfer Drive

Signing Up For Binfer Drive

All users looking to use Binfer Drive will need to complete the following prerequisite steps.

1. Fill out this form to get access to Binfer Drive.

  • If you have already signed up and received an email confirming access, then continue with step 2.
  • If you have already installed Binfer and created an account then signup using the same email address as that account.

Sign Up


2. Download and install Binfer from
3. Create your account and login. Your account email must be the same as that one that you provided during signup. If you already had an account then login using that.
4. Continue with Setting Up Your First Drive.


Setting Up Your First Drive

Once you have received a confirmation email indicating that you have been granted access to Binfer Drive, follow the below steps to set up your first Drive.
  1. Create Your First Drive:
    1. Using any web browser, go to and log in using your Binfer login credentials.
    2. Set-Up your drive
    3. Note: A drive is essentially a folder on your computer that you wish to make available to Drive “Members” via the Binfer Drive web interface.
  2. Invite Members to Your Drive:
    1. Grant others access to your drive
  3. Additional Notes:
    1. Your drive will only be accessible for members to access when your computer is online and Binfer’s consumer desktop app is running in the background.
    2. Need help? Reference the Binfer Drive help page

For additional questions, contact us at 888-313-7868 or email us at