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Creating a Share

Binfer Drive makes sharing files incredibly easy and secure. Shares can be easily created and managed all through the Binfer Drive web interface.
  • Log in to Binfer Drive’s web interface and select the drive you wish to create a share from. This will take you to your drive
  • Select the file or files you would like to share by clicking on them. When selected each file will be added to the selected files box on the right hand side of the screen as shown below
  • Once all files have been selected, click on the ACTIONS drop down in the same selected box
  • Select SHARE from the drop down menu that appears to open the share popup window as shown below
  • Fill out the information according to the following criteria:
To: The email address of the recipient of the message Subject: The subject line of the share Comment: Any additional comments, these comments will be sent along with the file(s)
  • Click CREATE SHARE to finish. Your share has been created!