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Creating a New Web Drop

The Web Drop feature allows you to receive files directly from other people without them installing the Binfer app. They drop files to you from a Web Link that you create. To create a new Web Drop, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Binfer app
  2. Click the ‘Action’ dropdown menu
  3. Select ‘Share via Web Drop’
  4. Name the Web Drop
  5. Add to ‘Size’ section the maximum of file size you want to receive
  6. In the ‘Options’ tab, select fields to show up on the Web Drop page such as requiring senders to include their Email Address, allow to combine the files or show comment input
  7. Add password to ‘Security’ tab
  8. Click the ‘+’ at the top left-hand corner to create your web drop
  9. On the left-hand corner, select either ‘Copy Link’ or ‘Copy Embed Link’
  10. Send the Web Drop link to whomever you wish to share it with or embed the Web Drop on your own website

Tip: A user can enable or disable a Web Drop, require recipients to enter their email or allow recipients to add a message, combine all received files into one folder as opposed to folders based on recipient emails, and add a password all via the Options tab of the Web Drop feature.

Tip: A user can determine what folder files will be received in from the Settings tab.