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Creating a Link

Send messages via Web Link if the receiver doesn’t have Binfer App installed. You can share up to 2GB via Web Link. You can send messages to your phone to pick it up through the link. A receiver can download files directly from your link, no need to install Binfer App.

  1. Open the Binfer app
  2. Click the ‘Action’ dropdown arrow
  3. Select ‘Share via Web Link’
  4. Add ‘Subject’ to your message
  5. Add files you plan to share in the ‘Files’ tab
  6. Mark ‘Skinny mode’. The Skinny Mode allows you to change the Web Pickup page so that only links, and not thumbnails, are displayed on the browser page. Also, there is no subject line or message on the page.
  7. Edit your options if you wish to add a password
  8. Click the ‘+’ in the top left-hand corner to create your link
  9. Copy the link and share it with the recipient

Tip: You can view the activity logs and destroy the link via the Outbox (activity logs are retained, even after a link has been destroyed). Outbox and Inbox are a dropdown menu located at the top left of the Messages tab.