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Client - Adding/Deleting a Contact in a Private Cloud Environment

Clients in a Private Cloud environment are by-default connected to the server and can add other clients in the same private cloud as contacts. To add a contact in the private cloud environment: 1. Open the Binfer application and make sure you are logged in using your ‘.pc’ file. 2. Click on the ‘Contacts’ icon at the top of the screen. The contacts tab will open. 3. In the contacts tab, click on the ‘New Contact’ button. A new dialog-box will appear asking you to enter the e-mail address of the client. Enter the e-mail address of the client you want to add and click ‘OK’. That’s all. The client with the e-mail address you entered will be added to your contact list. Note: Knowing that both you and the person are in the same Private Cloud, Binfer won’t send a contact request to the person. Instead, that person would be added automatically. To delete a contact in the private cloud environment: 1. Repeat the steps 1 & 2 from above; 2. On the left pane where all contacts appear, hover over the name of the contact you want to delete from your contact list. 3. You will see a small delete icon (‘x’). Click on the icon to delete the contact. You will no longer be able to communicate with that person. Tip: After a successful Private Cloud login, users will be automatically connected to the Administrator. Other users on the Private Cloud must be added as a contact to appear online.