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Changing Notifications and Alerts

Binfer has many notifications that you can turn on or off. These options sit in the Notifications section in Settings.

Display Notifications

These notifications will prompt messages on your respective operating system, alerting you of Binfer’s activity.

New Message Contains No Files

Binfer is a file transfer tool. Naturally, Binfer sends a notification if files are not included in a new message.

Show Auto Tips

Auto tips are useful for new Binfer users and give helpful hints as you navigate the Binfer suite.

Send Device Offline Email Notification

Binfer requires that the sender remains online for files to be exchanged. An email is automatically sent when a user’s device is turned off.

Show Chat Messages When All Files Are Sent

When a transfer is completed, Binfer will alter you with a Chat message.

Auto show Transfer Tab When Transfer Beings

When someone picks up your file, a Transfer tab will automatically open, alerting you that someone is viewing or downloading your file.

Show Options Before Sending A Message

Before a message is sent, you are reminded to review the options to ensure your message is secure.