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Advanced Web Drop Settings

Binfer Web Drop has a variety of settings to ensure that you receive files in exactly the way that you want. Below is a primer of several settings available to choose from a Web Drop:

Size Limit

Users can choose how large of a file they are willing to accept via Web Drop. Depending on your license, this may be a drop down, or you may be able to type in your maximum.

Show Email Input

If this feature is enabled, a Web Drop sender must type in their Email Address before sending you a file. Within your Web Drop tab, the files will be linked to the sender’s Email Address. If this button is not checked, the sender will show up as an IP Address instead.

Show Message Input

If this feature is enabled, a Web Drop sender can write in a text Message that will accompany the files they send; this is sometimes used to provide further context as to which files are being sent.

Combine Files

If this feature is enabled, files from different senders will be received in the same folder destination on the User’s device. For example, if both John and Dagny send a file to Jason via the same Web Drop link, if ‘Combine Files’ is enabled, both files will be received in a single folder. If ‘Combine Files’ is not enabled, there will be a ‘John’ folder and a ‘Dagny’ folder created on Jason’s device. 

Folder Naming Structure

You can find this Setting under Manage Settings (the gear icon on the top right) then Downloads. The ‘Download Location’ and ‘Folder Naming Structure’ settings allow you to pre-determine exactly where files will be received to. For example, many users choose the following structure:

Download to C:\Users\John

Folder Structure: SenderIDSubject

So files are received at: C:\Users\John\\WebDropA