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Plan FAQ and Terms

  1. How do these plans work? Binfer licenses are similar to most subscription services. Your purchase increases the amount of data you can send and receive as well as adds additional features based on the plan you choose.
    • Recipients do not have to purchase a plan to receive files.
    • You can purchase on behalf of another account. For example, if your account id is “” and you are purchasing for yourself then enter: However, if you are purchasing for “” then enter:
    • Binfer account email can be different from the PayPal account email.
  2. What happens after making a purchase? Is a license code sent? Here is the workflow:
    1. You purchase a plan using the payment gateway.
    2. Payment gateway sends us a confirmation of a successful transaction. This could take seconds or days depending on the method of payment.
    3. We apply the purchased license to your account on our system and send you a confirmation email. We do not send any license codes in the email.
    4. In the Binfer desktop application check Settings > License and click Refresh if you do not see the purchased license.
  3. Is there a free or a trial version? Yes. Binfer comes with a free license so that you can try before you buy. Our plans are affordable.
  4. I need to transfer files between my computers. Do I need separate accounts and licenses for each computer? No. Binfer licenses are shared across all devices for the same user account. So, purchase the required licenses for a user account. Login with that account on all your devices. As you send files from those devices, the shared license gets deducted. Be aware that depending on your license there are only a limited number of devices which can share one account.
  5. How does it compare to other services? Compare Binfer with other file sharing services and see for yourself how Binfer is a better alternative.
  6. Do you provide refunds? Yes, but only for technical failure of the product. 1. Use the free trial to ensure that Binfer will work for you and meet your requirements, 2. Contact Us to ask any questions or doubts you may have before making a purchase. 3. No partial refunds are made for any of the subscription plans if canceled midway.
  7. How do I cancel the monthly subscription plan? You can do so your self if you have an account with the payment provider gateway. For example, if you paid with PayPal, then you can cancel it from your PayPal account dashboard: 1. Log in to your PayPal account. 2. Click Profile at the top of the page. 3. Click My Money, then click Update beside My pre-approved payments to find your payment. 4. Select the payment, and then click Cancel. 
  8. I need a different plan. Can you offer a plan specific to my needs? We understand that you may have specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact sales with your specific needs and budget. Send requests to


  1. All purchases are final.  A free plan is available to try before you buy.
  2. The paid license is applied only when the payment processor notifies us that the payment is processed. We will send you an email confirmation when your payment is applied. We do not save any credit card or bank account information.
  3. We reserve the right to change the pricing and/or terms at any time.
  4. Usage is measured by the amount of data sent to each recipient.
    • Example: If you send a 100 MB file to two recipients then the usage will be 100 MB x 2 users = 200 MB.
  5. Usage is counted in bytes.
    • Example: 1 MB = 1048576 bytes, 1 GB = 1024 MB = 1073741824 bytes and so on.
  6. Data sent from Binfer Desktop Application is counted towards usage.
  7. Data received with Web Drop is counted towards usage.
  8. When data is transferred between Binfer Desktop Applications at both ends, then the usage is counted only for the sender and not the receiver.
  9. There is no charge for the software.
  10. This purchase policy is in addition to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.