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Binfer Desktop.

Secure, Reliable, Easy, Fast.

The Binfer desktop app is the most cost-effective way for professionals to move large files fast directly between devices. The Binfer desktop suite offers secure file sharing, web drop, file synchronization between devices, and private communication all in one place.  


Data is never uploaded to cloud servers
All file transfers are encrypted with end-to-end 256 bit encryption.


Ensure delivery of data of any size and quantity
Pause and resume transfers while maintaining folder and file structure.


Move large files effortlessly between devices
No limits on file sizes. No email attachment issues. Easy installation.


Move files faster than cloud-based services
Transfer at maximum speed allowed by your ISP.

Direct Device-to-Device Secure Communication Suite

Unlimited File Sharing

No file size limits. No uploading necessary. Send multiple, large files without the hassle of attachment limits. Whether you need to share large documents between offices, share large video files with your media team, or send files to different regions across the world, Binfer provides the most reliable large file sharing application available today.

Private Messaging

Binfer is redefining direct messaging—making it truly direct. Binfer’s private messaging allows for a secure exchange of information, without the use of a third-party server. The application facilitates the encrypted transfer of messages directly from device-to-device, ensuring that your files, images, and data remain private and secure.

Easy Device Sync

Binfer makes file synchronization an automatic process. Popular among our clients with robust data synchronization needs, Binfer’s secure sync feature enables users to easily sync folders between two devices using their existing file structure. Set rules for access and get automated reported to keep your projects in sync.

Secure Web Drop

From collecting sensitive documents to gathering photos and videos from multiple sources across the world, Binfer simplifies the crowdsourcing of files to a secure, real-time, drag & drop application. Create a web drop link for people to submit files to you without access to your folders. Embed web drop on your site so users can submit files to you on your page.