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Share RAW High-Resolution Photography Privately

Today people care about privacy the most. Using Dropbox, WeTransfer and other SAAS file sharing software mean you share your photography with public clouds. Binfer never uses clouds to share RAW photography. Binfer is a direct device to device file-sharing software that can be used anywhere and by anyone. With Binfer you can send hundreds of RAW images without compressing of your files.

Private Sharing with Binfer

Private sharing for Binfer is a priority. We protect all transfers with 256-bit encryption which is military-based encryption. Binfer never stores or uploads your photos or videos to third-party servers (the cloud), so your file transfer is 100% private between you and your intended recipient.

Binfer lets you monitor the entire process, allowing you to ensure photos and videos reach your clients and have the auto-resume of interrupted transfers. As Binfer is a direct device to device file-sharing software and it comes with many advantages such as no expiration date, all files are private between you and the recipient, you can recall your transfer at any time before the recipient opened the message. 

If you use Binfer App you can share RAW photography in three different ways: with direct file sharing, synchronizing the entire folders and sharing photos via chat.

Binfer also allows you to share photos with a web link and receive photos via web drop box. All you must do is send a link to the person to upload photos and in seconds you receive an incoming Binfer message with all attached photos. The usage of the feature is unlimited: receive files on your laptop from your phone, send files to the unknown device, receive files from any device.

Binfer is a private file-sharing software on the Go. You can download Binfer and start sending photos up to 200 MB for free or buy a plan which starts from $5 for 50 GB. Binfer has plans On the Go which means you do not have to pay monthly in order to use the software.